Our Mission

The Triljud Film and Art Association is actively involved in the promotion of art and culture, primarily through video production and film, but also through other branches of art.

The goals of "Triljud" are to create film value within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and active participation in the development of culture and art in Bosnia and Herzegovina, establishing cooperation, exchanging experiences, information and practices with organizations that deal in some way with culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, and support for organizing cultural events, with an emphasis, but not exclusively, on film art.

Our History

The first steps of the Film and Art Association "Triljud" were launched in 2013. as an informal group composed of the founders of the Association "Triljud". The official establishment takes place in 2017.

We have a number of projects behind us (movies and videos), but in 2018. we officially launched our first project - the feature film "At the Bureau (Na Birou)". Mostly young and non-established people worked on this project in combination with experienced staff, with whom they will realize this project together.

Our Skills

Video Editing


Pre & Post-Production

Music Composition

Graphic Design


Film Production

Film Consultation


meet the team.

Mirnes Rašljanin


Alida Kurtović

Creative Director

Haris Selimović

Production Manager

Zlatan Aleksijević


Belmin Maksumić


Haris Palo


Amir Medošević

Production Manager

Enes Baručija

Video Editor