BTS/033 Sarajevo Streetwear.

When it comes to streetwear fashion in our country, everything that can be said about it is that it is not accompanied enough through the media. Even though Sarajevo, as the capital, is trying to be as urbanized as any other metropolis, the key topic in the world like this one has not gained enough recognition. That is the main reason why BTS 033/Streetwear Sarajevo was made.

Triljud Film and Art Association came up with an idea that needs recognition. The Triljud Film and Art Association is actively involved in the promotion of art and culture, primarily through video production and film, but also through other branches of art.

Streetwear has been a hot commodity for about 30 years now, and there’s a clear reason as to why that is. The youth these days always want the right kind of fashion, wearing specific brands or types of clothing is a great way to go about expressing yourself. Everybody has something to express, and doing it through the use of clothing has never been easier.

This industry gives everybody a voice, and it gives hope to designers who feel like they’re about to make that big feel like they’re about to make that big break. The best example that Sarajevo has in store are: Revolt, Royal with Cheese, Molimao, TJT etc. Think about it, all of our favorite actors and singers are wearing streetwear, so it only makes you want to own it more and these people are bringing you a clear preview of that.

The whole concept of our short documentary is to show how important streetwear is to these people and how it makes them feel when they are wearing clothes that help them express themselves in the right way.

People that are the ones who brought this documentary to life are: Ajla Pustahija, Benjamin Delalić, Benjamin Zametica, Ada Ćeremida, Ina Čano, Vedad Krkbešević, Elma, Sandi Muratović, Selma Nezirević, Ajdin Gljiva, Stefan Andy Đapan, Azam Keibi, Tsiligkros Emina, Alida Kurtovic, Selma Halilbegović i Huda Ali. All of these people have one big thing in common, and that is the love towards fashion.

Each one of them expresses themselves through clothing pieces that you can see in this short documentary. Every location that was chosen for this project brings fashion and streets together. Most of the people starring in this documentary like Ajdin, Emina and Ajla make custom clothing pieces or work with fashion brands for years now so they are the ones who can best explain in what stage is Streetwear in Sarajevo.