An usual day for the kids of the football school SF Respekt - a school for every kid, regardless of their background and free of charge.
We are following a typical day for few of those kids, from waking up, getting ready and going to training.


SF Respekt – football school for every kid, regardless of their social & financial status or ethnic group.
SF Respekt is completely free of charge for everyone. The audience will follow a typical daily training with few of those kids. Everyone is going to be introduced to the fact that these kids don't have it easy even when it comes to arriving to the training.

Those kids are working hard on balancing their social and family life, the obstacles that life gives them, just for the pure enjoyment and camaraderie they gain from playing football. SF Respekt is a big family, where everybody supports each other so they can solely focus on their personal and athletic development.


  • Language: Bosnian
  • Runtime: 25 min
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Premiere: Hotel Hills, Sarajevo | April 24, 2019
  • Festivals: OMLADINSKI FILM FESTIVAL SARAJEVO (The Sarajevo Youth Film Festival) | September 9, 2019 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

director's statement

Emir Hujdur

It may be superfluous to say what the screening of a mission unique in the world means to me. As the founder of 2014, I had no idea what scale, scope, success and awards Respekt would have. When you have 500 people at the premiere in my Sarajevo, then the emotions are stronger than anything, because everything we did, we did with all our hearts. The phenomenal Triljud team is largely responsible for the positive reviews. They deserved all the congratulations and gratitude for their relationship. A great blend of young people who have recognized and felt the emotions necessary for this type of film. A true story that shows the harsh reality of today, but also all the positive values that sport brings.

Mirnes Rašljanin

This project came to us out of nowhere. From the first time we met in a shopping mall to talk about some idea of producing a documentary movie about this football school - now football club, to ravishing applause at the movie premiere just half a year later, we can confidently say how proud we are to be given the opportunity - to be part of this marvelous story. We really just followed a normal day for those kids as the story was already there, we just had to record it. Those kids are extraordinary like the club itself. They inspire us with their drive and ambition they showed us during filming. Emir and his whole staff are amazing optimistic people, who created something so positive out of nowhere and their way has just began. We can‘t wait to support them going forward and see them reach new heights.